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Diffussion and training

La Alcudia as training centre of the University of Alicante

Practical courses of Archaeology have been taught in the site in collaboration with the Area of Archaeology of the University of Alicante for the last years.

Year after year, about two hundred students start or improve their training here. For this purpose, there is an introductory notebook to archaeological fieldwork and it is used, when it is possible, in real excavations. This educational project allows to fill a gap in the academic training of students and has the corresponding authorization of the Generalitat Valenciana.

In the same line, summer archaeological campaigns are carried out. Students of the University of Alicante and other universities take part. In addition to this workfield, lessons of cataloguing and inventory of archaeological materials are taught. There are also seminars about the site historical aspects and methods of data collection and processing, for students to better understand the stratigraphical sequences in the excavation.

The Foundation spreading the historical heritage

Iberian sculpture. Piece of tap.

 Roman Glass lantern.The University of Alicante and L'Alcúdia University Foundation for Archaeological Research aim for cultural offer together with Elche, mostly represented in the Palm Forest and the Misteri, declared World Heritage, and would like to show that archaeology can be an important means of cultural and educational development.

For a proper diffusion of the Historical Heritage, different actions are being carried out in order to prevent the site and the excavations from damage due to climatic change and strong rain, and in order to recover spaces for a better understanding of the monuments seen at the site.

The last urgent actions taken are the propping up of the structures of the Westerns Baths while awaiting a whole restoration; the strengthening of the pavement and the natatio of the Eastern Baths, the restoration of the missing pieces of the mosaic of the basilica with poliester pieces in their original place, the soil of old excavations removed and the profiles of old excavations marked.

Detail of the floor mosaic in the Christian church.

 Piece of Iberian sculpture. Warrior's hand and inner part of the shield.In 2003 the project Docencia e Investigación en la Alcudia de Elche (2003-2006) began, with the approval of the Consellería de Cultura de la Comunitat Valenciana. It includes several additional actions to improve the site's visit (new paths, trees, green zones) and the old excavations being reviewed. With this project, the Foundations aims for a new image of this emblematic archaeological site, visited by tourists and learning centres of different countries.

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