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Archaeological research

The creation of L'Alcúdia University Foundation for Archaeological Research (Fundación Universitaria de Investigación Arqueológica L'Alcúdia) continued with the works carried out in La Alcudia site. The aim is to adapt the actions taken in the site to conservation needs of the existing infraestructures or to answer to the cultural or historical interest questions previously raised. Projects in execution are:

Eastern baths

Eastern baths mosaic.

In the eastern boundary of the site a big bath complex was excavated in the 90's. It includes a large uncovered surface, with a porch in one side, with a natatio very well-conserved. This room is accessed thorugh a brick staircase connecting with a lobby paved with a policrom mosaic. There are also smaller rooms regarded as tepidarium, caldarium, latrines and wardrobes. The building is from 1st century CE and its facilities were used until Late Antiquity.

Eastern baths.

At the moment the project is not ongoing, until the corresponding scientific report is done and the area sheltered. Therefore, excavations should be continued to adapt the surface, consolidate the profiles...

The shelter project is under the direction of the patron of the Foundation, Rafael Pérez Jiménez, chief architect of the Area of Architecture of this entity, proposed by the Diputación Provincial de Alicante.

Western baths

Western baths.

A monumental bath complex is located in the access to the site. The façade is more than 60 m. long, bordering the building on the western part.

In traditional bibliography it was regarded as a late wall, but recent research shows that is the outer wall of a big bath complex.

Western bath map.

In the upper platform the remains of a natatio, a pavement caementicium and part of a specus have been exhumed. These materials gather the remains discovered in 1890 by Pedro Ibarra: rooms identified as caldarium and a tepidarium, covered with soil nowadays.

The building was built on older structures in the late third of the 1st century CE. There is evidence that it was used until Late Antiquity.

Western Wall

Western wall.

Closely related to the former project, this one is the result of the building of the new Museum and Centre of Interpretation at the access to the site. It is sponsored by the Diputación Provincial of Alicante, under the agreement between Marq Foundation and the the Alcudia University Foundation.

The western slope of the site has been cleaned, finding a mansonry and adobe wall, from at least 1st century BCE, although it might be earlier. A century later, the wall has been partly dismantled, its material reused and covered with debris where some buried children have been found.

Particularly interesting is the documentation that the wall was taken to pieces in the Northern part at the same time than the building of the platform to settle the bath complex was built, so that it goes beyond the wall.

Therefore, some actions were taken changing the surroundings of the old wall, such as the construction of an underground channel to clear sewage waters of the bath to the main system of the city.

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