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The Alcudia Foundation


Air view, east, of the site Centre of Interpretation in the access point of the site.

The Alcudia archaeological site, located at 2 km of the centre of Elche, is easily accessed from the road called Carretera de Dolores. There are Iberian, Roman and Visigothic monuments, including houses, baths, temples, public buildings and a big part of the old wall.

Centre of Interpretation in the entrance to the site.

At the entrance of the site, there is the new Centre of Interpretation and Museum, designed by the architect Javier García Solera. The necessary information for the visit is available. It includes an exhibition of the most outstanding objects found in the archaeological excavations and an audio-visual documentary.

General view of the centre of the site and old Museum.

The visit to the site includes the old Monographic Museum, where most of the collection of the Ramos family can be seen.

Iberian sculpture. Warrior's bust  with feline head.

La Alcudia University Foundation for Archaeological Research (Fundación Universitaria de Investigación Arqueológica La Alcudia) was created in 1996, under the agreement signed between the Ramos family, owner of the site, the University of Alicante and the Elche Town Hall. Later on, the Diputación Provincial of Alicante and the Generalitat Valenciana joined.

The Foundation's aim is to renovate The Alcudia from a scientific viewpoint and its infraestructures. The result of this cooperation is a new museum and a centre of interpretation and some excavation and consolidation projects.

  • University of Alicante
  • Diputación Provincial of Alicante
  • Elche Town Hall
  • Generalitat Valenciana: Conselleria de Cultura y Deportes
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