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La Alcudia virtual

Site's virtual visit

The site occupies an area of about 10 hectares. For centuries it has been arable and quarry land to recover stones and ashlars for the buildings of Elche and its surroundings. In the late nineteenth century irrigation was introduced, what involved an intense restructuring of the land that favoured the finding of old remains, such as the Lady of Elche.

The visible archaelogical remains extend to the whole area of the site. It has two new modern buildings, the Centre of Interpretation and the new Museum, located at the entrance of the site, and the old Museum, located at the centre of the site.

«La Alcudia, Light for Ilici» (20 minutes) shows the site and places the different findings in its corresponding historic time. It is an interesting and necessary documentary to know the history of the Alcudia.

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